Pulse Athletic Apparel Ambassador Shares Lockdown Fitness and Motivation Tips

Pulse Athletic Apparel Ambassador Shares Lockdown Fitness and Motivation Tips

We’ve spent more than a year battling a global pandemic and it’s still taking a toll on everyone's overall health. 

Mandatory lockdowns have forced people to stay inside and while they have definitely caused hiccups in workout routines, the effects on mental health are far more concerning.

“Quarantine has forced us all to do something that we have likely not all done before, and that can cause a lot of anxiety and stress in our lives,” said Erin Herndon, a Behavior Analyst and Pulse Athletic Apparel Brand Ambassador.

Erin has seen firsthand how the pandemic has affected people in her own community.

“I work in healthcare full-time, so I see on a daily basis how this has affected the families and children that I work with, from health scares to a lack of resources,” she said.

At Pulse, we know how important health, fitness, and overall well-being is.

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and lift moods, but we also know finding the motivation to take care of yourself can be even more difficult when resources aren’t as easily accessible. 

Erin, who is working toward becoming a registered yoga instructor, always tries to put health and fitness at the forefront, even if she only has a few moments of her day to spare.

“I truly believe that it creates longevity and quality of our lives,” she said.

We took some time to speak with Erin to get some insight into how people can focus on their health and stay motivated even during a pandemic.


What's your background in health and fitness?

I was in sports in high school and started working out for that reason. After that I loved it and found it was my best way to feel healthy and fit in my adult years. In college, I worked at a gym and took my course in personal training as well as took up running, completing 5k’s, 8k’s, 15k’s, and a half marathon. While I don’t work in personal training anymore, I switched gears to yoga and took my classes towards my 200 hour level about a year ago (I am almost done with accruing those hours!). I love dabbling in different fitness areas and feel like I’ve done that my whole adult life.

Where does your interest in health and fitness come from? Why is it important to you?

In large part, I would say my interest stemmed from seeking out different fitness opportunities and pursuing them. It’s definitely kept me actively interested in a health regimen for over a decade now.

I genuinely feel better — mentally, physically, emotionally — when I am maintaining some sort of routine. It has almost become part of who I am and my personality at this point.


Why should it be important to other people, especially during quarantine?

It is proven that a healthy regimen can help us with stress and anxiety, so everyone should adopt a routine for themselves right now. With so many different types of fitness opportunities out there, it is accessible for everyone to find what works for them — even if it is just 5 minutes of stretching or a 10-minute mindfulness routine.

What are some ways people can be active and focus on their well-being at home?

There are so many resources out there! Now is the perfect time to try new things. With studios holding virtual classes fitness has never been so accessible. There are also a multitude of mental health resources out there with deals on remote and online options. One good thing coming from this pandemic has been the accessibility of health and wellness, which we need more than anything right now.

Any tips on staying motivated?

Make a plan for yourself. Do your best to stick to it, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. I am a big fan of lists and plans to build these routines into our daily lives. Find yourself some sort of accountability as well. Whether that’s one friend or a group of friends, an Instagram community, or family — support means everything for us and our goals right now.

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