Smart Apparel

We're proud to share Pulse Athletic Apparel's incoming line smart apparel; integrating a bluetooth enabled  wearable sensor that monitors a person’s dehydration and electrolyte imbalances in their bodies into our clothing.

The technology, called SweatID, can be embedded into compatible fabrics where it collects data from a person’s sweat. The data is then sent to their phone, tablet, or smartwatch and after the data is analyzed, the SweatID technology provides users with a personalized hydration strategy.

Pulse is collaborating with RooSense to develop athletic wear for men and women that has this tech built-in. We’re hoping to help make this tech more accessible and bring more awareness to the dangers of dehydration.

Pulse Athletic Apparel and RooSense were among some of the biggest names in tech at CES 2022. Pulse's exclusive SweatID-integrated line with be available in early 2023.

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